9 Easy Ways to Generate Blog Post Ideas

9 Easy Ways to Generate Blog Post Ideas

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Are you having trouble coming up with social media post ideas that attract new visitors to your website?

I  have 9 ways you can generate ideas for your social media posts and never run out of ideas. Here’s my tips for brainstorming social media post ideas for your blog or social media page.

1. Ask Questions

There’s a tiny mom-and-pop restaurant down the street from me that has an incredibly active Facebook following. I think their engagement is mainly due to two factors: they post daily and the owner is a master of asking questions of his audience. I have seen him ask, “What is everyone hungry for this week?” and get over thirty responses. He gets valuable feedback, his audience feels heard, and their Facebook posts get more visibility without paid advertising.

You can even ask your audience directly if there are any topics they would like you cover. Ask at the end of posts to generate comments. Ask on your social media pages like Facebook and Instagram.

2. Integrate Keywords as Topics

One of the easiest ways I come up with new content is by using keywords. I often use keyword planning tools like Google Keyword Planner. The best keyword searches have high traffic and low competition, so if you make your keywords 3 to 4 words, they might be more effective at ranking in the search and gaining you traffic.

For example, say your niche is pet accessories. I searched “pet toys” and got a list of keywords. Narrowing the search to low competition, I get a higher traffic keyword “dog teddy bear”. This means that people are searching for teddy bears for their dogs and that would make a good topic for a post.

3. Follow Your Competitors

What are your major competitors or other local businesses posting about? What does their audience interact with on their Facebook page or website? Take those social media post ideas and give them your own flair. Offering prizes can create even more brand excitement.

For example, I noticed a major fitness brand had a Facebook pet contest every quarter that was really popular. I used that for a fitness client on their Facebook page with a monthly prize of a free coaching session and their pet’s photo in a frame on the sign-in desk. The audience of that page loved posting their pets in costumes and locations and voting on the pet photos of other members. The engagement in posts on that page and in member feeds dramatically rose because of a fairly easy contest.

4. Search Pinterest

Get ideas for your niche fast while searching on Pinterest. You will get ideas for blog posts, but also gather ideas for how to style and theme your graphics. You can use keywords that you’ve researched to see what comes up in competition with that keyword.

It may be helpful to start a Pinterest of your own and share your own posts. Make your graphics informative as well as catchy. Canva can help you make attractive graphics to use on Pinterest.

5. Browse Quora

Quora is a user-generated question and answer site that can be a great source for new content ideas. What are people in your niche asking about? Do you see the same questions repeated over and over? Do people use the same 3 to 4 word phrases when asking questions in your niche? These make great keywords and topics for new blog posts and website pages.  If you fill out your profile with your website, you can also respond to questions on Quora in your niche and get visits to your website.

6. Use Video Creatively

Video remains one of my major weaknesses, but when I have used video on my social media, the videos have always generated a lot of interest and clicks.

If you are a restaurant or a chef, why not film a video on how to make an easy dish? Or perform several workout moves with correct form, if you are a gym or personal trainer? You don’t need fancy equipment, but I would recommend a tripod to keep your phone or camera steady during filming. Some tripods come with an affordable ring light to create a better atmosphere.

One note about the use of video: Facebook will penalize your traffic if you use a Youtube video on your Facebook page, so it’s wise to upload them separately. This is unfortunate if you are trying to build a Youtube audience, but you will see much better engagement if you upload your videos straight to Facebook.

Bonus tip: Whenever I think of an idea, I immediately create a new post for it and save it as a draft so it’s ready to be finished and posted. 

7. Tell Personal Stories

Your life can be a rich source of social media content. Have you learned lessons from pursuing your niche? What failed spectacularly? What worked when you weren’t expecting it?

Some of my most impactful posts were simply stories from my real life. For example, I once wrote a post that went viral about a man I used to see walking to the store. At the beginning, he was so out of shape that he just looked miserable trudging along the side of the road. The last time I saw him, he was carrying three grocery bags in each hand and looked like he was ready to conquer the world. I plan to bring that story back again eventually, because that man whom I’ve never met made a big impact on me.

8. Expand on Popular Content

Sometimes a topic really resonates with users or one of your posts goes viral. Is there something in that post that commenters mentioned? Did they have questions about certain aspects? Can you add infographics or downloadable content that readers can use regularly? Brainstorm various angles and questions. You may want to consider looking at some of the biggest blogs you follow and see how they expand on previous content.

Taking previous content and expanding it can also help develop internal links and cross-referencing on your website and social media platforms.

9. Play Devil’s Advocate

When I search for certain things, sometimes all of the sites on the first page of the search take the same approach. When I try that approach, it doesn’t work at all for me. Maybe it’s my lack of experience or execution, but many times it’s because the information does not list the cons with the pros. I suspect some websites take their approaches from other places, but for others an approach is a matter of personality. Or all of the front page sites are using the same sponsor who endorses a certain method. But it’s unlikely that the same methodology will work for everyone.

When you find a keyword you want to rank, look at the approaches by the websites on the front page of that search. How can you turn that approach on its head? What disadvantages or problems could it create? What alternatives are there to that approach? Such questions could make for a very interesting post that can give readers a broader perspective.

Social Media Post Ideas That Boost Your Engagement

There are a number of other ways to brainstorm social media post ideas, but the most important key to remember is that you are providing content that users want to read.

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