Developing Quality SEO Articles The Easy Way

Developing Quality SEO Articles The Easy Way

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Starving for website content but out of ideas? There are thousands of websites that write high-quality SEO articles, but they have a plan to attract an audience and provide content that engages that audience

Article Generation

You could use a SEO articles generator, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Sites like Article Generator Pro can write a very weird article for you for a low subscription price, but it won’t make sense and it might hurt you in the long run.

You could also use a professional service like BKA Content, which has professional writers on staff who can write SEO content for your website. I used to write for BKA, and they produce high quality content.

Low Price Articles is a much more affordable service that might be easier for the average blogger to purchase quality articles.

Idea Generation

If you just want ideas for writing articles, Hubspot’s Blog Idea Generator is a pretty useful tool. Another handy place to get ideas is BuzzSumo, which generates recent content and the attention that content received.

An easier method is to go to Quora and searching for the general topic of your blog, like “natural living”. What are people asking questions about? How are different people responding?

But for the highest quality SEO articles, you should be using Google Keyword Planner to find long-tail keywords with low to medium competition that will allow searchers to find your article and your website. Choose a keyword of 3-4 words that has at least 1K searches and low competition.

Post Polishing

The quality of your post can affect your traffic to that post. Keep your wording simple, which can help lower your reading level of your SEO articles for a mass audience.

Make sure your post is polished and ready to be read. It can’t hurt to run it through Grammarly.

Last Tip for Your Best SEO Articles

With every article, you should have at least one memorable visual graphic that users can share on social media.The place to make these for free is Canva. I highly recommend a pro subscription, as it comes with a lot more templates to use on your websites.

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