Using Keyword Planners to Boost Your Website SEO

Using Keyword Planners to Boost Your Website SEO

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Have you ever used keyword planners to get ideas for your blog posts?

A keyword planner helps you find keywords in your niche for your blog posts and website pages. Keyword planners have also helped me think of great blog posts ideas that solve problems for my audience.

Google Keyword Planner

Free? Check. Easy to use? Check. Google Keyword Planner should be your go-to keyword planner for fast blogging ideas.  Search for your niche and narrow down the results to find keywords with low to medium competition that get searched.

Google Trends

Another useful Google tool is Google Trends. Google Trends shows you recently popular keywords along with the longevity of keywords you might want to use in your blog posts. Keywords that are “evergreen” and have been popular over the long haul are keywords that might be great to use on your websites.

Reddit Keyword Tool

One of my favorite keyword planners, this handy tool finds the most common phrases being used on subreddits in your niche. Search for your niche, select from the closest subreddit on the drop-down list, and get a list of the most common searched terms in that subreddit.


This tool can evaluate the popularity of keywords, but also help you evaluate your website and individual posts. This site does require you to sign up to use it, but you can use it free for 10 queries a day.


This isn’t exactly a keyword planner, but use Quora find out what people are asking about in your niche. What are people asking about the most? How might they search for that information on Google?

Other Uses for Keyword Planners

Keyword planners can be handy for finding topics for your blog posts. When users search for something on Google, they are often looking for information to solve a problem they have or satisfy their curiosity about a subject.

I will often throw keywords I find into a drafted blog post and save the post for later. Sometimes I make a few notes on what the post might be about. Then I have ready ideas for future blog posts!

Have you used any of these tools? Do you have a tip or another tool that might be useful? Share it with us in the comments!

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