How Do Local Customers Find Your Business | What Is Local SEO Marketing?

Do you want more local customers to find your business? Local SEO marketing makes it easier for a brick-and-mortar business to show up in the search results when people near them are searching for their services.

What Is local SEO marketing?

Search engine optimization is the process of making your website information appealing to search engines so your website shows up in the website searches of people who are looking for something they want or need. The key to search engine optimization for a local business is having relevant, up-to-date information about your business and what you do.

What Are the Benefits of SEO Localization?

There are many benefits to local search engine optimization. First, it helps local customers find your business.

Say you are a plumber who services a mid-size city. If someone needs a plumber, they search Google for “plumber near me” and a list of plumbers in that city come up in the search results. Most of these services have information on their websites that Google has indexed and can point to them as businesses that relate to the search the customer made.

Tips for Local SEO

1. Put your physical address and phone number on your website.

The first tip is the simplest: Your physical address on your website tells search engines where you are. This can help localize you in search results. Make sure your phone number is listed so they can contact you to buy your products or hire your services.

2. A contact page

It sounds basic, but a contact page is a key indicator of important information to a search engine. Your physical address is particularly important. But you should have your address on your home page along with a separate contact page to improve your local SEO marketing reach. Search engines will index both pages and they may come up separately in searches.

3. Put essential business information on your website

The more information about your business that you can share on your website, the more customers will find the information when they search. Make sure to put your phone number, email address or a contact form, your physical address, your operating hours, the services and products you offer, Facebook page, and a list of frequently asked questions that you get from customers about your business.

4. Sign up for Google My Business

Google My Business puts your business on Google Search and Google Maps directly without depending on search engine optimization on your website. However, search engine optimization is still important, because it can increase the number of people who find your website through searching on Google, but especially on other search engines like Bing.

5. Regularly update your website

I have noticed many local businesses make a website or have a website made and then never update it. This is a big mistake. Search engines prioritize active websites in their search results. Blogging using search keywords is one of the best ways to do this without paying for ads, but even just regularly updating your basic information can help improve your ranking on search engines.

6. Drive engagement with Facebook

Having a vibrant Facebook page with your website link can help drive local traffic to your website. People like to engage with local businesses and other people in their community. Active and interesting Facebook content engages interest in your business and cause them to click your website link. Facebook ads can also be useful because they can be highly localized so only nearby people see them. Facebook ads can also feature a page or blog post on your website that you would like nearby customers to view.

7. Establish your brand and credibility

If you have gone through the process of setting up your physical business, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to your brand. Make this clear on your website with your business name, logo, a catchy sales phrase, and other marketing you have developed for your business. Local testimonies from visible people in your area or other businesses may also help increase customer trust in your business.


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